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Almond x Surfrider R-Series 5'4 Secret Menu Surfboard

$ 399.00
  • The R-Series 5'4 Secret Menu packs a lot of volume, so it can be ridden very short. The wide tail is fantastic for speed-generating, in all types of playful surf.
  • At 5’4 long and 36L, the R-Series Secret Menu is designed for the optimal blend of paddle-ability and rip-ability.
  • The R-Series construction is designed with a deep awareness of the role we play in the bigger picture. The materials used in the R-Series surfboards can—and will be—recycled at the end of the board’s life, through our Recycling Loyalty Program. Please refer to our limited warranty for any questions regarding the R-Series surfboard.
  • 5'4" x 36.4 L
  • 21" wide x 2 3/4" thick
  • Double Stringer
  • High Density Copolymer Foam
  • No-Wax-Necessary deck pad
  • Futures Fin Boxes (fins not included)
  • Recyclable(!)
  • Made in USA
  • Limited Edition artwork created by the surf craftsmen at Almond Surfboards
  • 100% of the profits from this product fund our mission to protect our ocean, waves and beaches for all of us to enjoy.
  • Part of Surfrider's Limited Edition United States and Oceans of America collection

Just as this land is your land, this ocean is your ocean. Our waves are as American as our mountains. Our water as vital as our soil. If our ocean dies, so will our land. We urge the American people to join us to start a new fight: the fight to free our oceans and coasts.

We are the United States and Oceans of America. The land and oceans of the free. The home and waves of the brave.

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