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There's almost no such thing as a completely sustainable clothing company. 

In today's world of clothing consumption and production trends, fashion has become one of the most resource-intensive (both natural and human) industries on earth. Apparel production results in a tremendous amounts of waste on both sides of the producer/consumer divide.

We have a long way to go as an industry. But in the meantime, we are doing everything possible to source, produce, and deliver our products in as sustainable of a manner as possible. We use 100% organic cotton, water-based inks, and recycled fabrics wherever we can, and we encourage our partners to do the same. We pride ourselves on learning, and in turn educating those around us of the impacts and the solutions to a more sustainable future. We encourage people to buy clothing of better quality that will last, rather than buying more of what is in fashion.

We are not perfectly sustainable, but we are responsible, and we encourage other brands to do the same.